• Nanoscale fabrication of quantum optoelectronic devices:

Semiconductor device fabrication is the process used to create the integrated circuits that are present in everyday electronic devices. Part of the focus of my research in the Quantum Materials Optoelectronics lab  is on the fabrication of heterostructures composed of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), to study the emergent quantum electronic and optical properties. Being a member of UCR nanofabrication cleanroom facility, I use photolithography mask aligner, reactive ion etching system (RIE), rapid thermal annealing system (RTA), and more importantly electron beam lithography (EBL), and electron beam evaporator (EBE).

  • Optoelectronic measurements of fabricated quantum devices:
Optoelectronic measurements provide a certain way to probe quantum states of the optoelectronic devices, by combining ultrafast spectroscopy and electrical transport techniques.  For that matter our lab is equipped with an ultrafast Ti-Sapph laser and a custom-built scanning microscope for Pump-probe measurements .
To explore more on the electronic band structure of heterostructures composed of 2D semiconductors (TMDs), I carry out broad band spectroscopy using a fianium white laser as a source and my custom-biult scanning microscope, with this setup I can scan wavelengths over VIS, NIR and IR ranges (400-2200nm).  

  • Characterization and data analysis of the optoelectronic measurement:
The optoelectronic data taken from quantum devices need being presented to the audience, and to do that we need to analyze and characterize data, this is the part where computer programming and softwares comes in. The softwares we mostly work with are auto-cad, NPGS,  origin lab, transform, gimp, Microsoft office, and 3ds max.
I got my masters degree of Nanoscience and technology in Tehran university with my advisor Dr. Yaser Abdi . My work with Dr. Abdi led to the development of a novel technology allowing fabrication of a TiO2/CNT based device suitable for nanolithography with variable electron beam diameter, ultimately leading to publication in Nanotechnology. I'm originally from Tehran, Iran.